what colour walls go with black furniture

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  • What color should I paint my living room with black furniture?

  • You can paint your walls pale yellow, light blue or green but avoid cream as it will look too monotonous. Once you檝e chosen the best wall color to coordinate with your black furniture, the third color you should think about is the accessories in the living room.

  • What color walls go with brown furniture?

  • Beige or linen white is an interesting color that brings elegance yet soft and warm ambient into any room. And it turns out that this color blend flawlessly with dark furniture, especially brown ones. If you are planning to paint your wall with this color, here are some of our recommendation that you can choose :

  • What color goes well with red furniture?

  • The brightness of red is a nice contrast to black but the trick is not to go too far. Try including some neutral color accessories to tone down the stark black and red colors. Since red is a bold color, you should tone it down by including some accent colors. After all, a living room with dark-colored furniture could definitely use pops of color.

  • What colors go well with gray walls and a black sofa?

  • In this example, the gray walls and black sofa are far from monotony thanks to the bold red pillows, matching lamps and tables. The combination of red, black and gray come beautifully together in this contemporary design living room.

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