what colors go with driftwood furniture

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Contrasting paint colors likelime green,pink,turquoise,and purplecan even out the neutrality of driftwood colors. These colors can match well with driftwood. Benjamin Moore Turquoise Powder (2057-50) and Sherwin Williams Majestic Purple (SW 6545)

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  • What colors go well with driftwood?

  • Cool colors give rooms a soothing feel. Haint blue paired with driftwood is reminiscent of South Carolina and the Deep South. Sea-foam green is a gentle companion for the ocean gray and sandy tan…

  • How do you decorate with driftwood furniture?

  • Combine the whitewashed tones of driftwood with warm colors to create a cozy, invigorating atmosphere. Add other wood finishes to the room, such as dark cherry or wenge wood pieces, to create a nature-centric look. An assortment of amber-colored glass pieces and rust-red vintage books are accessory pieces.

  • What colors go well with dark wood furniture?

  • The olive-toned greens are the best. Greens work with red, brown and blonde woods. I love this shade by Valspar, Grandma Linen 6001-1C. Beige, tan and ivory work great with light and dark shades of wood.

  • What color area rug goes with driftwood floors?

  • Sea-foam green is a gentle companion for the ocean gray and sandy tan shades naturally found in driftwood flooring. Other tones that comprise a cool color palette include teal, sapphire and dusty lilac. Choose an area rug in these hues to spread under a muted gray sofa to create a cool, complementary scheme.

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