what color furniture goes with light blue walls

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White, beige, dark blue and grayare complementary colors for light blue walls Sky blue and aqua walls look great when paired with beige and white furniture Blue is a color associated with nature so it can be paired with sage or mint green furniture as complementary hues

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  • How do you decorate a room with light blue walls?

  • A room with light blue walls takes on a fresh, clean, and vibrant style with contrasting colors. Floors, furniture, curtains, wall dcor, ceilings, and artwork that provide contrasting colors can all either match with one color or offer a variety of warm colors to off-set the cool, light blue walls.

  • What color furniture goes with blue walls and Pink Walls?

  • Blue takes a feminine turn when paired with shades of pink and furniture with graceful lines. The pale blue walls are subtle, but the hot pink hydrangeas and pillows pack plenty of punch to keep the room feeling friendly.

  • What does it mean when you have blue walls and black furniture?

  • When decorating around a color scheme that features pale blue walls and black furniture, it helps to understand color psychology. Blue is a cooler color that is linked to feelings of tranquility, trust and sensitivity. Black is known as the color of sophistication and authority.

  • What color goes with navy blue walls?

  • Break this rule by pairing dark teal or navy walls with lighter woods such as maple, ash, or birch to make the room feel lighter. Incorporate whites or even very light grays to soften the look even further. … Natural colors like chocolate, mossy green, grays, and whites will pair well with blue walls.

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