what color furniture goes with dark floors

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7 Best Furniture Colors for Dark Wood FlooringWhite. Using white furnishings above dark wooden floors can produce a clean,modern,and elegant vibe. …Beige. Some homeowners may think that beige furniture and dark floors don mix well and end up looking drab,but as you can see in the picture above,they don.Light Gray. …Dark Gray. …Azure Blue. …Emerald Green. …Black. …

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  • How to choose furniture for rooms with dark floors?

  • However, when choosing furniture for rooms with dark floors, you want to go with furniture and other pieces that bring in some light. For example, use light colored rugs to pull light into a room with dark flooring (rugs, by the way, are a good idea with any type of wood flooring to add color). Matching Furniture Colors with Dark Wood Floors

  • How do I choose the best light wood furniture for a room?

  • Light wood furniture on a dark wood floor offers a striking look. The best choices usually are furniture that is just a few shades lighter in color than the floor. Too much of a contrast will leave the room feeling stark.

  • What is the difference between light and dark wood floors?

  • Light wood floors give a sense of openness and an airy feel. That a key component for many design styles, including some of the decorating ideas involved with beach-style living or coastal living. Dark wood can make a room feel smaller and usually requires less furniture. Light wood opens a room up and makes it feel larger.

  • What flooring goes with mahogany furniture?

  • Much as light furniture contrasts with dark flooring, the opposite is true with light floors. A mahogany table, for example, can really pop when placed on a medium toned, light wood floor. As with the dark flooring, you want a contrast, but not a huge contrast.

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