what color flooring goes with grey furniture

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  • What color sofa goes with gray floors?

  • But don worry, you can avoid this by choosing any gray sofa that had a really different tone from the gray floors, like the dark gray (charcoal) couch that we used in the image example above. The dark gray couch can still bring a lot of contrast with the floors, but at the same time can blend nicely.

  • Is gray flooring a good choice for your home?

  • Not getting the maximum benefits from the gray flooring in your home would simply be a waste of money. It important that the color of your walls and furniture complements, and in turn, is complemented by the gray flooring to deliver a captivating look.

  • What color walls go with gray concrete flooring?

  • Orange accent wall with gray concrete flooring. Warm tones go very well with natural wood and wood look alike tile for any non fabric finishes. These colors mixed with warm grays and woods give a cozy and vibrant feel to the space.

  • What are gray floors made of?

  • Gray floors are becoming a somewhat hot item in the modern day designs. Gray floors could be made of stone, laminate, stained wood or carpet to name a few. On top of that there could be a rug or different types of floor mat. Gray is easy to coordinate since it a neutral color.

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