what bank does ashley furniture use

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Synchrony Bank

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  • What bank issues Ashley Furniture credit cards?

  • Ashley HomeStore uses Synchrony Bank as its card issuer. Synchrony Bank is known for issuing many store cards and its approval rate is generally high if you have a good or better (650+) credit score. Where can I use my Ashley Furniture credit card?

  • What are the Ashley Furniture credit card requirements for approval?

  • Fair or better credit required. You will have good approval oods if your credit score is above650. 0% APR balance transfer intro rate on balance transfers for up to 18 months. No balance transfer fee. Ashley Furniture Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus. Higher than average purchase APRs. Does not offer rewards or cash back.

  • Does Ashley Furniture offer a rewards program?

  • No, it does not offer a rewards program. What are the Ashley Furniture credit card benefits? What are the relevant APRs for Ashley Furniture credit card? According to the Federal Reserve Board, the average regular APR is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for accounts that carry a balance. This card has higher than average regular APRs.

  • Is the Ashley home credit card a good deal?

  • While you can only use this card at Ashley HomeStore, if you make a large purchase, the special financing offer can be very attractive. The high approval odds, no annual fee, and credit-building aspects of this card can also make it an appealing choice.

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