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  • Should you finance furniture purchases at a furniture store?

  • Instead of financing at a furniture store, you should consider credit cards that offer promotional 0% introductory APRs on purchases. These cards shouldn charge deferred interest, but read the terms and conditions to make sure. Instead, you pay 0% APR on the balance of your purchase during the promotional period.

  • Is rooms to go furniture financing a good idea?

  • Furniture financing offered by furniture stores, such as the Rooms to Go credit card, usually isn the best idea. These financing options may promote no interest payments. Sadly, most of them could really hurt you if you檙e not careful. Furniture financing is typically offered through a deferred interest credit card.

  • Does financing furniture hurt your credit score?

  • Does Financing Furniture Hurt Your Credit? If that isn bad enough, buying furniture on a 0% promo could potentially hurt your credit score. If you apply for a furniture loan at the store, chances are your credit line will be the same exact amount as your purchase.

  • Is 0% financing on furniture a good idea?

  • The bigger concern with 0% financing is that the furniture is outrageously priced, and all the interest will kick in if you don’t pay the full amount in 24 months or whatever the time interval is. And furniture stores are notoriously sneaky with that. They’ll say no interest if paid in 24 months, but set the payment term to 30 months, real sleezy.

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