should i not buy furniture with prop 65 warning

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Not all furnitureproducts are made with chemicals on the Proposition 65 list. A furniture product with a Proposition 65 warning suggests the product can expose you to levels of a listed chemical or chemicals that pose greater health risks than furniture that causes exposures to lower levels of listed chemicals.

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  • What is a Prop 65 warning on furniture?

  • Proposition 65 requires California to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. One may also ask, should I buy furniture with a Prop 65 warning?

  • Should I be worried about products labeled with Proposition 65?

  • Should I be worried about buying and using products labeled with Proposition 65? The California law mandates that the warning must be given if any of the listed chemicals is present at all unless manufacturers can demonstrate that exposure to it poses no significant risk.

  • How long does a business have to comply with Prop 65?

  • First, businesses have a full 12 months to comply with warning requirements. This means that if a chemical is added to the list in August 2018, products containing that chemical are not required to carry the Prop 65 warning for that chemical until August 2019.

  • Do I need a separate Prop 65 label or hangtag in California?

  • Unlike most other consumer products sold in California, furnishings that contain a Prop 65 chemical above the safe harbor or warning trigger level will not be required to have a separate Prop 65 label or hangtag.

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