is victorian furniture out of style

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  • What is Victorian furniture?

  • Victorian furniture refers to the style of antique furniture that was made during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 ?1901). It is often revivalist in style, in that it adopts stylistic motifs from other periods, creating huge waves of revivals with nostalgic nods to the past.

  • How do I identify a piece of Victorian furniture?

  • Pieces can be identified by their iconic features which make them authentic to their time. In this article, we explore some of these different styles and take a look at the key features you should look out for when purchasing Victorian furniture.

  • Is Victorian furniture worth buying at estate sales?

  • Even so, certain Victorian pieces by makers like John Henry Belter and Mitchell Rammelsberg still command very good prices. Most of the furniture that you find at estate sales are usually not made by these high-end manufacturers. The pieces shown in this guide are the more run-of-the-mill Victorian pieces you will encounter.

  • What makes a modern Victorian home look modern?

  • Creating the perfect modern Victorian home is all about incorporating your own personal style with both Victorian and modern styles in a way that feels like it represents your personality.

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