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  • Why buy article furniture?

  • Zero complaints or concerns. Quality 10: True to Article form, the quality again rises to the top. They truly know how to make a solid piece of furniture. The strength, comfort, durability, substance, everything about it. We have been blown away by all of our Article pieces and this chair is no exception.

  • How would you rate bisonoffice as a furniture site?

  • Consumers satisfied with BisonOffice most frequently mention customer service and timely manner.BisonOffice ranks 49th among Furniture sites. How would you rate BisonOffice? Ok so I’d be nice to not have anything show up broken but when my sons Captains bed arrived with some broken pieces, Bison Office quickly shipped out the parts.

  • Can I return a bed from totally furniture?

  • I needed beds for people to sleep in and the response from Totally Furniture was you can return it but you’re responsible for the cost of shipping and a restocking fee of an item that they shipped me without the important parts to actually assemble. Totally furniture then told me the manufacturer will send me the replacement parts.

  • What happened to totally furniture and FedEx?

  • When I called Totally Furniture, they washed their hands of it and said contact Fedex. I contacted Fedex and was told they had no idea where my shipment even was, probably on a truck somewhere. The shipment finally arrived late on June 10th. I had guests arriving in 2 days and needed to put this together (while very pregnant mind you).

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