is the furniture in fixer upper included

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  • Does Joanna Gaines buy the furniture on Fixer Upper?

  • In a now-offline 2015 QA about the show, Joanna confirmed that her and Chip Fixer Upper clients have the option of buying the staging furniture at the end of filming. 淥ur show features real clients with real budgets.

  • Do the Fixer Upper homeowners get to keep the furniture?

  • Everything in the house seems perfect once the Gaineses gets their hands on it, but do the Fixer Upper homeowners get to keep the furniture? It all depends on the homeowners and their budget, according to Joanna. On her Magnolia blog, the designer answered multiple fan questions about how Fixer Upper works behind the scenes.

  • What happened to the furniture on’Fixer Upper’?

  • Yeah, much of the furniture on Fixer Upper was just there for staging purposes, and then the production staff carted it away unless the homeowners decided to buy it. Read it and weep, people.

  • What happened to Kyle and Jaime house furniture on 楩ixer Upper?

  • Former Fixer Upper client Jaime Ferguson ?who appeared with her husband, Kyle, in the Season 3 episode 淎 Big Fix for a House in the Woods??confirmed that the furnishings aren included in the final product.

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