is spray paint safe for children’s furniture

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  • Can you use spray paint on baby furniture?

  • The only type of spray paint that should be used for a baby, child, or toddler furniture or item is custom made. You cannot find it off-the-shelf. For example, Benjamin Moore offers the option to choose a color, choose Zero VOC or Low VOC, and have it added to a spray can. The cost is higher but well worth the investment for the convenience.

  • Is there such a thing as baby safe paint?

  • Unfortunately, not all paints are considered 渂aby safe.?While this is true, there are some non-toxic, baby-friendly options to consider. A natural or water-based paint that is labeled as 渮ero-VOC?and non-toxic are considered safe. However, most commercial paints contain VOCs ?volatile organic compounds.

  • Is it safe to paint a child’s room?

  • A coat of paint breathes new life into wood furniture, but paint used on anything in a child’s room can raise concerns. Parents need to consider which paint coatings will be safest, most practical and most appealing in a child’s room.

  • What is the best paint for child-safe furniture?

  • To see the full list of Earthborn products that meet the standard click here. The more durable of our child-safe furniture paints is Eggshell No.17 because it has a hardwearing soft sheen finish that can be wiped. Eco Chic has a very flat matt finish making it more suitable to less used items.

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