is room and board furniture good quality

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Room Board sofas,if used reasonably,can last several years. Room Board works directly with their manufacturers in the United States to ensure quality and has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. They clearly offer ahigh-end,high-quality line of furnishings.

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  • What makes room & board furniture unique?

  • Room Board designs all their furniture in-house with inspiration derived from Shaker, Japanese, Danish, Arts Crafts and Modern movements. Their design fundamentals include smart design, natural materials, and working with simple, organic forms that make furniture both functional and beautiful.

  • How many sofas does room&board have?

  • With well over 48 sofas (not counting custom pieces, sectionals and all size options) in their catalog of products, Room Board has a dizzying assortment of furniture. When we visited their Manhattan showroom in Chelsea, we were honestly taken aback by the vastness of the store, not even knowing where to start our tests.

  • Who is room & board?

  • For over 35 years, Room Board has been creating modern furniture with practicality, timelessness, and comfort and mind. Room Modern brand can be summed up in its philosophy that 渕odern isn a trend to be chased; it a way of living.?/div>Room and Board Sofa Reviews: Price, Quality More | Home …

  • Is rooms to go a good company to buy from?

  • We enjoyed buying a variety of furniture from this company, leather sectional, son’s bedroom furniture and recently our daughter’s bedroom set. The quality was good and well priced. The furniture was delivered on time with no problems. This is my 2nd time buying furniture from Rooms To Go, (living room set) we came in a Saturday and looked around.

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