is pottery barn furniture real wood

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While I love the look of Pottery Barn furniture,it is not high quality and is very overpriced.Some of their items are real woodand decent quality. However,many of the items such as desks and bookcases and things are particle or press board and veneers!

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  • What is Pottery Barn furniture?

  • The Pottery Barn is a furnishing company that specializes in the production of quality home furnishings. Such as sofas, tables, chairs, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, dcor, and storage. These products are crafted in different unique styles. These are the modern and traditional styles.

  • Where is Pottery Barn located?

  • It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Pottery Barn is owned by Williams-Sonoma, Inc., a multi-channel specialty retailer and one of the U.S.?largest e-commerce retailers for home furnishing. Pottery Barn was founded by Paul Secon and Morris Secon in 1949 with the aim of offering quality home furniture.

  • What is it like to buy from Pottery Barn?

  • This was the first time I purchased from Pottery Barn, and it will also be the last. Pretty fancy furniture / homewares store offering exclusive styles and products that cater to the home decorator in most of us. There is a reason people buy online and not bother coming to the store.

  • Is Pottery Barn owned by Williams Sonoma?

  • Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Pottery Barns furniture is a fully owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma Inc. The company headquarters is in San Francisco, California. It was co-founded by two brothers Paul Secon and Morris, in 1949; Paul and Morris sold the company in 1966 and 1968, respectively.

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