is poplar good for outdoor furniture

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  • Can you use poplar wood outside?

  • Outdoor Usage. Whether your poplar wood is old or new, treated or untreated, certain outdoor uses for this wood are more suitable than others due to the risks of water damage. In general, poplar wood should not be used in structures that receive a lot of exposure to rain, such as rooftops, exposed deck floors, bridges and outdoor staircases.

  • What is poplar wood?

  • The poplar tree produces a common hardwood used in outdoor construction. Poplar wood, the commercial name for wood that comes from the yellow poplar or tulip tree, is a common hardwood that is lightweight and adaptable. It is used to construct everything from furniture and boxes to musical instruments and toys.

  • What are the pros and cons of treated poplar wood?

  • Treated poplar wood is significantly more water resistant than is untreated wood. Treating the wood protects it not only from the elements, but from harmful wood-decaying organisms, according to the University of Minnesota.

  • What is the difference between old poplar and new Poplar?

  • Old Versus New Polar. This newer poplar wood tends to be less water resistant than the older poplar wood, according to Purdue University. Young, fast-growth poplar trees contain a greater concentration of sapwood than do the older, slow-growth trees. Sapwood is much less resistant to water and decay than is heartwood.

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