is jenny lind furniture named after the singer

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The JennyLindbed揳 spool bed with square corners on the head and foot boards搘as supposedly the type of bed that the singerslept on during her American tour. However slight the connection between JennyLindand the furniturestyle that bears her name, the association has endured and JennyLindfurnitureis still popular today.

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  • What is 淛enny Lind?furniture?

  • In cottage furniture ype was also called 淛enny Lind,?in honour of the famous Swedish soprano Jenny Lind, whose American concert tour with the American showman P.T. Barnum during the period of this style introduction made her name widely familiar.

  • Who is Jenny Lind?

  • Jenny Lind, also known as the Swedish Nightingale, was an immensely popular Swedish singer who made her American debut in 1851. P.T. Barnum promoted her American tour, and to create buzz he made a 楯enny Lind?brand.

  • Why is it called a Jenny Lind Bed?

  • Why is it called a Jenny Lind Bed? Jenny Lind is used to describe cottage-style spindled furniture, like what you often see on baby furniture. This was some of the first mass produced furniture.

  • How did PT Barnum promote the image of Jenny Lind furniture?

  • One: PT Barnum promoted the image of Jenny Lind using this modest furniture as part of his promotion. Its use for baby and children furniture further reinforced her innocent nature. Two: Jenny Lind image was used to market this furniture (as well as anything else) to increase her name recognition.

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