is it customary to tip furniture delivery drivers

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  • Do you tip furniture delivery professionals?

  • Are You Supposed to Tip Furniture Delivery Professionals? It is not mandatory to tip furniture delivery workers. The furniture retail company charges each customer a delivery charge at the time of purchase that pays for the work it takes to deliver the furniture to the customer home.

  • How much should you tip your delivery driver?

  • suggests tipping $5 ?$10 per person, increasing the tip to $20 of large or difficult deliveries, including those that involve flights of stairs, small elevators, very heavy items, or other challenges.

  • How much do you tip Home Depot movers?

  • Here is what people tip on average: 1 1st-floor delivery: $5 – $10 / person 2 2nd-floor delivery and up: $10 – $15 / person 3 alternatively, you could offer them some refreshments or a cup of coffee 4 consider tipping Home Depot movers extra

  • How much do you tip for furniture cleaning?

  • Our research found that most people tipped about $10 per person or $20 for a really good service. A few outliers tipped more, and about 50% of people didn tip at all. Because of the cost of furniture, it would be considered excessive to give a 15% tip as you might for a meal, although we did find a couple of people who reported doing this!

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