is homestretch furniture good quality

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  • Why choose homestretch?

  • The company opened its doors in 2010 under the direction of a team of industry veterans with decades of furniture manufacturing experience. Seeking to provide consumers with stylish seating at an exceptional value, HomeStretch employees take great pride in their attention to design detail and their focus on product quality and integrity.

  • Is home stretch furniture any good?

  • HomeStretch furniture itself is good furniture. Issue is quality of the foam and padding used in it. Local company is responsible for repairs, homestretch sends all material and parts to them. FF has taken months to repair and came back unrepaired and in worse shape. I suggest you find out dentisy of foam used before you purchase.

  • Where did homestretch furniture reviews start?

  • – HousesItWorld Homestretch Furniture Reviews ?Founded 2010, Mississippi Born! Sofas today are much more than just a piece of furniture in which you can sit comfortably. They are a statement piece for every homeowner, as they are the center of attention in your living room and one of the first things your guests set their eyes on.

  • Do homestretch sofas come in different sizes?

  • The sofas on offer by Homestretch come in two different sizes and again have either polyester or leather finish. You do not get as many different choices as you get with recliners; however, there are still plenty of different colors and styles for you to choose from.

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