is homestretch furniture good quality

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  • What is homestretch furniture?

  • HomeStretch, a furniture manufacturer based in Mississippi, was created in 2010. HomeStretch exclusively makes reclining furniture, only available through participating retailers. The mission at HomeStretch is to create high-quality, stylish reclining products, at an affordable price so that consumers can stretch their legs and their dollars.

  • Is home stretch furniture any good?

  • HomeStretch furniture itself is good furniture. Issue is quality of the foam and padding used in it. Local company is responsible for repairs, homestretch sends all material and parts to them. FF has taken months to repair and came back unrepaired and in worse shape. I suggest you find out dentisy of foam used before you purchase.

  • What size loveseat does homestretch come in?

  • The standard loveseat on offer by Homestretch has a width of 60-inches and is divided into two parts. The depth and overall height are the same as the other furniture. The standard size loveseat is again only available in polyester finish.

  • What materials are used in homestretch sofas?

  • Materials include conjugate fiber, high-density seat foam, and a hardwood seat box provide the ultimate in comfortability. HomeStretch furniture is made in the USA and comes with removable backs for easy delivery and setup. How long does it take for HomeStretch to deliver sofas?

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