is furniture sales a good career

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  • What is the average salary of a furniture salesman?

  • Sales staff in the furniture industry earn average wages for their sector. Interior designers employed by furniture stores earn some of the smallest salaries in the field — $32,196 as of January 2011 — according to PayScale, while sales managers and salesmen earn salaries in the low $40,000s.

  • Is furniture sales a good entry-level sales job?

  • Furniture sales, like auto sales, is a great entry-level sales job and one that can help to take a successful sales professional far. For those who are not new to sales, exploring sales opportunities in this industry can also be both rewarding and serve as a career building catalyst if you are interested in sales management.

  • What are the opportunities for success in the furniture industry?

  • Another opportunity not to be discounted is the critical sales skills you will have the opportunity to learn, improve and to perfect. Not only do successful sales professionals in the furniture industry have well-developed rapport skills, but they also are good at closing sales.

  • What can you do with a home furniture sales degree?

  • The most obvious is to move into sales management, store management, regional or national sales management. There are several sales professionals who earn impressive incomes who started, stayed and earned their way up through home furnishing companies.

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