is furniture protection plan worth it

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Furniture protection plans keep your investment safe. Quality furniture can last a lifetime,but only if you take care of your investment. There no reason to let accidents ruin what would otherwise last a lifetime. 4. Accidents Happen Accidents happen.

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  • Should you buy furniture protection plans?

  • They represent a better way to protect your furniture long-term value. Some plans even cover manufacturer defects and flaws. So while manufacturer protection plans are worth the money, third-party protection plans are the better option. Given the choice, go with the third-party plan. Let look at 5 reasons why this is the option to go with.

  • Is furniture insurance worth it?

  • While furniture insurance is not for everyone, it can be a worthwhile investment depending on your lifestyle and budget. What Is a Furniture Protection Plan?

  • How do I protect my furniture from furniture repair companies?

  • If there are any red flags, run with your wallet and consider purchasing a protection plan from another company. If you have your furniture serviced by a company that is not a part of their registered network, you can effectively void your protection plan without even knowing it.

  • How much does furniture replacement guarantee cover?

  • While many companies offer furniture replacement guarantees, their plans are pro-rated over the plan lifetime. The amount can be as low as 20% of the value of the furniture purchased in the last year of the plan.

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