is furniture protection plan worth it

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If you檙e prone to spills and stains,if you have kids or pets,or you檇 rather just have the peace of mind that you檙e protected,a protection plancan be worth the investment. They also make sense if you檙e purchasing something that might be more likely to be damaged- a light-colored sofa,for example.

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  • What are the benefits of a furniture protection plan?

  • Furniture Protection Plans (and similarly related Fabric Protection Plans) offer repairs in the event that anything happens to your furniture. Normally the protection plan is priced at a percentage of the actual set you檙e purchasing, say 3-5%. There can also be a minimum $100 charge for smaller purchases.

  • Is furniture insurance worth it?

  • While furniture insurance is not for everyone, it can be a worthwhile investment depending on your lifestyle and budget. What Is a Furniture Protection Plan?

  • How do I protect my furniture from furniture repair companies?

  • If there are any red flags, run with your wallet and consider purchasing a protection plan from another company. If you have your furniture serviced by a company that is not a part of their registered network, you can effectively void your protection plan without even knowing it.

  • Is your furniture protected from animal damage?

  • Furniture protection plans can keep your furniture safe from animal damage. Most plans cover pet damage (though you should always double check the coverage before purchasing a plan). Everyone loves their dog or cat; some people even love their rabbit or ferret. Most people love to keep furry friends as companions.

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