is drexel furniture valuable

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Drexel Furniture values canfluctuatelike any market. However,many are surprised and happy to learn that certain vintage Drexel pieces remain valuable and desirable today. For instance,the aforementioned Mid Century Modern Drexel furniture can really reach good resale values online.

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  • What makes Drexel Furniture Company Great?

  • So, let look at the company history and what made them great! Firstly, Drexel Furniture Company started in 1903 in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. At first, the owner of Drexel, Sam Huffman, focused on offering low priced furniture to consumers.

  • What is the history of Drexel Heritage furnishings?

  • I n 1968 U.S. Plywood Champio n Papers purchased Drexel Enterprises, and the company became Drexel Heritage Furnishings, Inc. I n 1971 Drexel expanded its product line once agai n to include high-end Mediterranea n style furniture and furniture for interior living space.

  • How many stores does Drexel have?

  • By 1 957, Drexel employed 2,300 workers, and its furniture was sold n ationwide i n approximately 2,500 stores. By the late 1 960s, the company manufactured laboratory, dormitory and hospital furniture and increased sales eve n more.

  • Are Drexel china cabinets collectable?

  • Drexel Oriental style China cabinets could be just the statement piece you are looking for. Of course, Mid Century Modern Drexel Furniture has a high level of collectability as well. MCM designs by Drexel feature sleek lines, beautiful walnut or mahogany veneers and unique hardware.

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