is bob’s furniture junk

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  • Is Bob’s Discount Furniture a good brand?

  • Bob’s Discount Furniture is one of the most well-known discount furniture chains in the US. With over 150 locations ranging from pickup, outlet, and store fronts across the country, Bob’s Discount Furniture has grown from a local New England furniture store to a country wide name-brand.

  • Why is Bob furniture so bad?

  • It looks good on the outside but cheap garbage on the inside and that whole texting is horrible customer service. They probably have it all typed out and send to every customer that spend their hard earned money on their garbage and lies. Anyhow that it. PLEASE Don shop at Bob furniture.

  • What is Bob’s Flushing Furnitureland?

  • Welcome to Bob’s Flushing Furnitureland ! What are HUGE display room of all different types of furniture under one roof here!, The product selection was literally stretching as far as the eye can see. Very visually impressive as you first walk in.

  • Where does Bobs furniture come from?

  • Most of bobs furniture seems to come from Asia so the wood and other materials are just made to look good in the showroom. Do not be tempted by the prices believe me you will pay in the end

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