is bob’s furniture going out of business

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  • Is Bob’s Discount Furniture a good brand?

  • Bob’s Discount Furniture is one of the most well-known discount furniture chains in the US. With over 150 locations ranging from pickup, outlet, and store fronts across the country, Bob’s Discount Furniture has grown from a local New England furniture store to a country wide name-brand.

  • Why choose Bob for business?

  • Welcome to Bob’s For Business! Bob Discount Furniture has been providing furnishing solutions to businesses, schools, hospitals and non-profits for over 20 years. From initial consultation to final installation – large projects or small – we do it all at prices that are untouchable by contractors at other furniture stores!

  • Why is Bob’s furniture cancelled?

  • Called Bob’s again and they say that the furniture was cancelled because of an inspection and the couch was damaged. So you mean to tell me you do not have any other NILES couch in stock at the warehouse that you can deliver to me. Again, they apologized and stated another week without a couch.

  • Where does Bobs furniture come from?

  • Most of bobs furniture seems to come from Asia so the wood and other materials are just made to look good in the showroom. Do not be tempted by the prices believe me you will pay in the end

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