is bob’s discount furniture good

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Bob’s Discount Furniture has a consumer rating of 1.82 stars from 192 reviews indicating that most consumers are generallydissatisfiedwith their purchases. Bob’s Discount Furniture also ranks 220th among Furniture sites.

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  • How many locations does Bob’s Discount Furniture have?

  • With over 150 locations ranging from pickup, outlet, and store fronts across the country, Bob’s Discount Furniture has grown from a local New England furniture store to a country wide name-brand. With a no-nonsense business model that features extremely competitive prices at final sale terms, they attract shoppers that are looking for a bargain.

  • Why choose Bob furniture?

  • He was very helpful, courteous, and detailed explaining the prices and about the furnitures. This Bob location is big compared to the Bob in other locations I been too.Great furniture variety and great prices. Discount furniture at great prices!

  • Is Bob Discount Furniture goof proof a scam?

  • As far as I檓 concerned, the Goof Proof protection plan is false advertising and a scam which needs to be investigated and Bob Discount Furniture sells poor quality furniture. However, we檙e not helpless but it will take the voices of many for something to be done.

  • How do I get Bob furniture to stop selling furniture?

  • Stand outside the store during business hours with a sign and inform each customer walking in about the scam Goof Proof is and the poor quality furniture Bob sells. Plan an event on Facebook or other social media sites to bring more people to the cause. When you hurt the company sales, they檒l listen.

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