is a trash can furniture

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  • What is a trash can cabinet used for?

  • A trash can cabinet is a piece of moveable furniture that contains one or more garbage cans. It is used for hiding trash cans out of sight in the kitchen. The cabinet is often made of wood, which suits very well in rustic or country style kitchen decors and contains one or two tilt-out doors to excess the trash can (s).

  • Will trash disposal pick up furniture?

  • Having furniture like a chair, table, sofa, or bed to get rid of can be a frustrating situation. Most trash-disposal services will not pick up furniture.

  • What is the difference between a trash can and chest?

  • The Trash Can is a storage item which has 40 storage slots. They essentially serve the same purpose as Chests, only having the appearance of a trash can. Trash Cans can only be harvested when empty. The Trash Can requires four times as much Iron / Lead as a regular Chest would.

  • What is the point of the trash can?

  • Therefore, unless the Trash Can is used for a different aesthetic effect, Chests or Barrels are more efficient storage units. This may be ironic in the early game, given how useful Iron or Lead can be in early stages. The Trash Can can be used to differentiate relatively useless stored items from those of value, hence the name.

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