how to wax furniture

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  • How do you wax unfinished furniture?

  • 1 Work in a clean space so you don’t kick up dust. Find a well-ventilated area to wax the furniture and ensure that it’s not dusty. 2 Clean surface with a soft and damp cloth to remove dust. Whether you’re waxing painted or unfinished furniture, start with a clean surface. 3 Dip a wax brush or clean cloth into the wax. … More items…

  • Should you wax or polish wood furniture?

  • Waxing wood furniture is a common thing for not only woodworking enthusiasts but also sincere homeowners. Regular waxing and polishing of the furniture make the finish more durable in the long run. Also, the better polish of the finish makes better appearances.

  • Can you use beeswax on furniture?

  • If you’d like a wax that doesn’t contain synthetic additives, buy a container of beeswax furniture polish. This polish is easy to apply and it will give your furniture a soft glow. Keep in mind that because it’s such a soft wax, it won’t protect your furniture as much as other polishes and it will be sticky unless you buff it well.

  • How do you clean antique waxes?

  • I think using clear way first and then layering the antique wax on and lightly wiping is the key. You also don want to use the steel wool with just the clear wax or I imagine it will leave a residue. Only use it in the areas you are rubbing in the dark wax.

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