how to use pledge furniture polish

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How to Use Pledge to Polish FurnitureMoisten a soft,lint-free rag with water. Wipe the damp rag over the furniture to remove abrasive grime particles and debris. Rub a microfiber cloth over the furniture until the wood is completely dry. Shake the can of Pledge to prepare the polish for use.

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  • What is Pledge furniture polish used for?

  • Pledge has been used for decades to clean and polish wood furniture, but it can be used for so much more. This is a guide about uses for Pledge furniture polish.

  • How do you use pledge floor polish on wood floors?

  • How do you use pledge floor polish? Restore the luster to your wood floors. *Safe to use only on finished, sealed surfaces. Thoroughly clean floor with Multisurface Floor Cleaner, let floor dry, then spread Pledge Floor Gloss evenly with a clean sponge mop, cloth or other applicator.

  • What can I clean with pledge®?

  • Impressing yourself is easy with Pledge. Find the right cleaner for your leather furniture, hardwood floors, stainless steel and granite surfaces, electronics and more. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

  • What is pledge Orange clean furniture spray?

  • Pledge Orange Clean Furniture Spray will keep your wooden furniture clean and well cared for with a polish that nourishes the wood and protects the things you love. 4. Shower Doors Pledge Orange Clean Furniture Spray will remove difficult water spots and soap scum.

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