how to unstick furniture drawers

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  • What’s the best way to unstick a stuck drawer?

  • Another perk of these materials is that when the drawers get stuck, a quick spray with a Teflon lubricant for plastic, or a water displacement lubricant for metal will unstick a jammed drawer in a snap. Unfortunately, wooden drawers aren’t always that cooperative.

  • How to fix a drawer that won’t stay in the drawer?

  • No matter what caused the original problem, while you have the drawer out it’s a good idea to apply a lubricant to the drawer bottom and guides. Plain soap without added skin moisturizers, beeswax, or petroleum jelly rubbed on the drawer bottom will lubricate the surfaces and make the drawer slide easily.

  • How do you clean the inside of a drawer?

  • Take the wax or soap and rub it on the runner where the drawer slides on. Also rub some wax or soap on the drawer itself where the bottom slides on the dresser.

  • Can the drawers bind and stick?

  • The drawers can bind and stick. This is a really easy hack that will save you loads of frustration every time you use your dresser. I’ve applied this to all my wooden dressers and works great!

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