how to throw away furniture nyc

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Then,where can I throw away furniture in NYC? Now all you need to do iscall 311 or go online at and request to schedule a pickup by the Department of Sanitation (DSNY). They will pick up all large and non-recyclable items you have ?think sofas,mattresses,and large wooden furniture.

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  • How do I dispose of furniture in New York City?

  • We hope this makes furniture removal in New York City a lot less confusing. The five boroughs in New York City allow you to dispose large furniture items during normal trash pickup.

  • How to get rid of furniture without hiring movers in New York?

  • But if you insist on getting rid of your unwanted wares, there are several kosher and sensible ways to get rid of furniture without necessarily calling upon the help of local movers in New York (although, we personally think that is always a good option.) KEY TIP: Make sure you empty all compartments of the furniture before dumping it.

  • Why don apartments in NYC sell furniture?

  • Most NYC apartments are just too small to hold onto space-taking items like furniture, especially if it is superfluous. Some stuff is easy to get rid of or turn into cash; furniture could not be considered one of those items, especially in a place like New York City.

  • How do I pick up furniture from the Sanitation Department?

  • Make an appointment for the Sanitation Department to pick up furniture larger than 4 feet x 3 feet. Appointments can be made for up to 10 items. Leave your furniture on the curb after 4 p.m. the night before your appointment, and make sure to coordinate with your super first.

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