how to take ikea furniture apart

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If you檙e on your own then one relatively foolproof way to take apart your Ikea furniture is byfollowing the instructions backwards. You could also try simply starting at the top and working downwards with smaller pieces. Keep All Your Screws Together In A Plastic Bag (and Don Lose The Bag)

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  • Do you put IKEA furniture up or down before taking apart?

  • For some reason most IKEA furiture is best put upside down before taking apart. I think the only way to get any form of instruktions is by taking the assemblyinstruktions a do them backwards. /anna from sweden with a hole house full of IKEA furniture

  • How do you pack IKEA furniture for a move?

  • Ikea pieces can easily get scuffled up in the process of moving. Put in extra padding in between the individual panels ?old newspapers, towels, or dust sheets would work ?to protect the delicate surface.

  • What happens if screws are unfastened from IKEA furniture?

  • Ikea furniture is only designed to be structurally strong when fully assembled and so if screws are unfastened while disassembling then some panels might be unsupported and liable to fall over ?possibly snapping. For this reason it worth involving as many people as possible while taking apart to keep everything aligned.

  • Does IKEA have a disassembly manual?

  • Whether you檙e moving and want to take your furniture with you or you plan on selling it, knowing how to correctly take it apart will reduce the chances it’ll get damaged and tossed into a landfill. You can view and download IKEA disassembly manuals on the company website.

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