how to strip mahogany furniture

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  • How do you finish mahogany furniture?

  • Once you are done apply the chemical cleaner mentioned by the manufacturer, and leave it to dry for about 24 hours. Apply the grain filler (normally it is a paste), Remember mahogany has an open grain structure thus you need to fill it well in order to achieve a smooth finish at the end of the process. The color of the grain filler is up to you.

  • How to remove mahogany shading?

  • Mahogany has different types of shadings, this variation is due to the origin of the wood but normally it is a dark color. The most cumbersome step is the first one, that is, you have to completely remove the current finish if you want a job well done. Normally the removal is done by sanding, but you can also make use of some chemical strippers.

  • How do you stain a mahogany mantle?

  • If the mahogany mantle is real mahogany you won be able to stain it light oak without bleaching it lighter first. Mahogany is naturally darker than medium oak. Once the paint or varnish has been removed wash down with white spirit and scotch bright to remove any paint striper and paint or varnish still left in the grain.

  • Can You stain mahogany furniture with a rag?

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but normally you can apply such substances with a brush or a rag to allow the proper penetration in the wood. Sealing prevents the mahogany furniture from absorbing too much stain so that a very dark area is evaded.

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