how to strip furniture

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A Word of Caution Before You BeginGet the Right Tools Pu …Find the Perfect Spot …Prep Your Furniture So …Fill a Tin Bucket with …Apply the Stripper. …Scrape Off the Old Pai …Get Into the Tiny Groo …Apply a Second Coat of …Use Mineral Spirits to …Sand Down the Wood.

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  • How do you strip furniture in 10 steps?

  • How to Strip Furniture Easily in 10 Steps Step 1: Get the Right Tools Step 2: Find the Perfect Spot Step 3: Prep Your Furniture Step 4: Fill a Tin Bucket with Citristrip. Step 5: Apply the Stripper. Step 6: Scrape Off the Old Paint, Varnish, or Stain. Step 7: Get Into the Tiny Grooves Step 8: Apply a Second Coat of Stripper.

  • How to strip furniture with chemical strippers?

  • How To: Strip Furniture Step 1. Chemical strippers are harsh, so make sure you wear protective clothing, such as safety glasses, rubber gloves,… Step 2. Apply a liberal, thick coat of stripper to the piece with a nylon brush or roller, and work in sections to… Step 3. Once it ready, begin …

  • How to strip paint and sealer off of wood furniture?

  • Learn how to strip the paint and sealer off of wood furniture with this easy tip that reduces the time it takes. This little furniture stripping tip is a game changer. Spray the desk with Citristrip or any other paint stripper. Make sure the desk is clean before spraying it.

  • When should you strip furniture?

  • Here are some examples when to strip furniture and when not to strip furniture: It previously painted. This is pretty obvious. If you want to restore a piece of furniture back to its original wood stain or to go natural on the furniture, and it painted, you檒l definitely need to strip away the paint with a chemical stripper.

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