how to strip furniture to paint

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How to Strip Paint from Wood FurnitureBrush a Thick Layer of Citristrip on in a Manageable Area. …Cover with Plastic Wrap. Once you have stripper all over one area,grab some plastic wrap and cover the stripper. …Wait. Then,sit back relax,and let the stripper go to work! …Scrape off the Paint and Citristrip. …Repeat If Needed. …Remove the Citristrip Residue. …Let Dry. …Sand Smooth. …

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  • How to strip paint and sealer off of wood furniture?

  • Learn how to strip the paint and sealer off of wood furniture with this easy tip that reduces the time it takes. This little furniture stripping tip is a game changer. Spray the desk with Citristrip or any other paint stripper. Make sure the desk is clean before spraying it.

  • Do you have to strip furniture before painting?

  • You don have to strip furniture before painting it. You want to change the furniture from light wood to dark wood and it in pretty good condition otherwise. Related: What the Best Paint For Furniture? Can you strip furniture by sanding?

  • How do you strip furniture in 10 steps?

  • How to Strip Furniture Easily in 10 Steps Step 1: Get the Right Tools Step 2: Find the Perfect Spot Step 3: Prep Your Furniture Step 4: Fill a Tin Bucket with Citristrip. Step 5: Apply the Stripper. Step 6: Scrape Off the Old Paint, Varnish, or Stain. Step 7: Get Into the Tiny Grooves Step 8: Apply a Second Coat of Stripper.

  • How to strip furniture with chemical strippers?

  • How To: Strip Furniture Step 1. Chemical strippers are harsh, so make sure you wear protective clothing, such as safety glasses, rubber gloves,… Step 2. Apply a liberal, thick coat of stripper to the piece with a nylon brush or roller, and work in sections to… Step 3. Once it ready, begin …

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