how to store furniture long term

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8 easy ways to store your furniture long-term when downsizing or travellingRent a storage unit. Renting a storage unit is a very flexible option. …Hire a furniture removal service. Many furniture removal companies can provide storage services upon request. …Convert your garage. If paying for storage space is not a viable option,then converting a garage or shed into a home for your unused furniture is a cheap …Break it down before storing. Most furniture,especially modern examples can be disassembled into smaller parts. …Use storage boxes. Another method of saving space is to use storage boxes. …

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  • How to store furniture in a small house?

  • 1. Investigate your storage options. 2. Clean everything thoroughly. 3. Take everything apart. 4. Wrap furniture for long-term storage. 5. Protect glass items. 6. Raise furniture off the floor. 7. Don leave food behind. 8. Don cram too much inside. 1. Investigate your storage options. Putting furniture in storage can be a costly decision.

  • How long does furniture last in storage?

  • This, however, is only possible if your items were properly prepared and well protected before being put into storage. Furniture can last for many decades in the right environment, but it can easily succumb to humidity, temperature fluctuations, or physical damage if stored improperly, even for a short period of time.

  • Is it safe to store furniture in a storage facility?

  • While storage facilities are treated with pest control regularly, you can never be too careful. 8. Don cram too much inside. The best way to store furniture in a storage unit is by not overdoing it.

  • How do you protect furniture in storage?

  • Protect furniture in storage by never putting dirty items inside. Not only will offensive odors travel to nearby units, but cleaning will also significantly cut down on the chance of mold and the amount of dust in your storage space.

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