how to stop bunny from chewing furniture

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You might tryrabbit repellent,it works to keep some rabbits from chewing furniture or walls. Use cord protectors or baby gates to stop your rabbit from destructive chewing. Never yell or hit your rabbit,this won stop him from chewing but only cause him to be afraid of you.

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  • What can I give my Rabbit to stop chewing on furniture?

  • Chewing on dark leafy greens and crunchy vegetables will also help keep your rabbit teeth worn down and reduce her urge to chew on your furniture. Some good veggies to give your rabbit include:

  • Why do rabbits chew on furniture?

  • Your rabbit may be chewing the furniture if she’s bored. Give her a safe enclosed space to run around and explore. If you can, let her run around outside where she can burn off energy and chew on hay or grass. Pay attention when your rabbit is running around outside. Make sure predators can’t get to her.

  • How to stop my rabbit chewing on his Hutch?

  • Simply rub the soap on baseboards or areas where your rabbit is chewing. The soap will keep him alone. Body spray-Scented body sprays will keep your rabbit at a distance. They tend to hate the smell of them so they won even try to chew the area where it sprayed. How To Stop My Rabbit Chewing His Hutch? Rabbits often chew their hutches.

  • How do you stop a rabbit from running behind furniture?

  • Block off the backs of your furniture. If your rabbit has been hopping behind the furniture to chew at the back, you’ll need to block the furniture or her access. Rabbits enjoy running through crawl spaces, but these can be dangerous, especially if she gets stuck or chews exposed nails or finish on the furniture.

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