how to shrink wrap patio furniture

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The best way to shrink wrap outdoor furniture for winter is by usingindustrial shrink wrap and a heat gun. For moving furniture, you will need rolls of moving shrink wrap films. You can either wrap items individually or stack them together as a bundle to save space.

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  • Why should you shrink wrap your outdoor furniture?

  • When it comes time to put away the outdoor furniture, Mr. Shrinkwrap can help you protect your investment from harmful UV rays and keep your furniture looking clean with outdoor shrink wrap Products and Services.

  • How do you Heat wrap furniture without the tape?

  • Since you檝e heated the base of the furniture, you no longer need the tape to hold the shrink wrap in place. For each cut in the shrink wrap, remove your tape and fold the cut edge over itself. Use the heat gun to heat the seam where the 2 pieces meet and rejoin the shrink wrap together.

  • How do you wrap furniture with plastic moving film?

  • Peel the edge of the plastic moving film off of the roll and press it against the flattest surface of the furniture item. This may be a leg of a table, back of a chair, or platform for a cushion. Press the film against the furniture to adhere it to the surface. Ideally, you檒l wrap every furniture item with a single, continuous length of plastic.

  • How do you fix a tear in a shrink wrap?

  • For every location where you placed a relief cut, grab the shrink wrap and pull it taut. Then, place a small piece of tape over the tear to hold the fabric tight. You will remove these pieces of tape later, so don press them into the wrap so hard that you won be able to remove them. Feel free to use regular clear tape.

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