how to ship furniture from australia to usa

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  • Can You ship furniture from the UK to the USA?

  • We檙e even experts in shipping antique furniture and fine art. We know that moving to the USA from the UK can seem like a big undertaking. That why our furniture shipping designed to make sure your move is as simple and stress-free as possible.

  • How do I ship to Australia?

  • Shipping your things to Australia should be straightforward. You can send them by sea or by air. Obviously, land isn an option. Not to worry, though. In the world of shipping a 榮ea-locked?country is an accessible country. While shipping by air is usually faster, it is also more expensive than by sea.

  • Where does your furniture shipping service cover?

  • Our furniture shipping service covers countless towns and cities throughout USA. Although not limited to, some of the destinations we most frequently ship to include:

  • Where can you ship my belongings from?

  • From our offices across the USA including movers in New York, Los Angeles and Houston we can ship your belongings anywhere. Whether you檙e shipping household goods overseas from the east coast, west coast or gulf, we offer everything to get you moving including customs clearance, 24/7 online tracking and in home packing and wrapping options.

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