how to sand furniture with lots of detail

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For sanding detailed furniture,you want to use asmoother grit sandpaper and lightly sand in the grooves and details. Detailed furniture will not need as much sanding in the first place because the paint will naturally adhere to the details of the wood,which will hopefully make refinishing antique furniture easier.

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  • How to sand wood furniture Properly?

  • 1 Apply Wood Filler (if needed) Before sanding a furniture piece, check for any deep gouges, cracks, or dents. … 2 Sand with a Rough Sanding Pad Now it time to sand! If you can use an iron, I PROMISE you can use an electric sander. … 3 Sand with Smoother Sandpaper

  • What happens if you sand furniture with too much paper?

  • Although finer-grit paper would theoretically produce a smoother surface, sanding with too fine a paper can clog the wood and interfere with finishing. Sand the entire piece of furniture with each grade of sandpaper before moving on to the next grade.

  • What grit sandpaper should I use for furniture?

  • Remember, the lower the number the rougher the sandpaper. The rougher sandpaper is to be used on rougher surfaces and the smoother sandpaper is for smoother surfaces. The vast majority of the time I will use a 100 grit sanding pad first to prep the surface and will finish with a 240 grit. Can you sand furniture indoors?

  • How do you smooth wood with sandpaper?

  • Move up and down each round, changing your angle of sanding as you work to smooth the wood evenly. Be careful not to leave horizontal grooves in the wood at the edges of the sandpaper strips.

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