how to rotate furniture club penguin

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  • How do I arrange my furniture in the game?

  • All furniture items owned by the player will then be arranged in a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen, either by their type, or in a list of all items (which will also display igloos, flooring and igloo locations ).

  • How do you get the bracelet on Club Penguin?

  • This is one of the many items you can score in Club Penguin, and if you want to get this for yourself, head to the Book Room, click on the bookshelf, open the Rockhopper and the Stowaway book, and go right to the end of the book by selecting the final chapter. Click on the bracelet and it all yours.

  • How do you interact with pet furniture in Puffles?

  • Furniture items that can only be placed on the ground, that puffles can interact with. When placed in an igloo, any puffles in the igloo sometimes interact with pet furniture, and it increases their stats. Items such as a Puffle Condo increase energy, items such as a Double Dish increase health, and items such as Puffle Beds increase rest.

  • How do I Claim my Penguin style for February 2015?

  • There are a few nice items you can claim by checking Penguin Style for February 2015. Go to Page 22 and click on the left fin on the purple penguin for a Red Viking Helmet. On the same page, open and close the Red Viking Helmet mini-page four times and you檒l get a Blue Viking Helmet.

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