how to restain wood furniture

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Clean. Any refinishing furniture DIY starts with basic cleaning. …Examine. Take an overall assessment of the piece and determine if it needs any repairs. …Remove the Old Finish. Removing the old finish is the most time-consuming part of refinishing wood furniture. …Sanding. …Chemical Stripper. …Seal the Wood. …Stain or Paint. …Apply Finish. …

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  • How to restain furniture?

  • Learning how to restain furniture means being diligent with each step. This step of sanding is where you檒l spend most of your time. Sanding it down is important for two reasons. First, it removes the layers you definitely want to get rid of. Second, it smooths down the wood and creates a surface for the stain to grip on.

  • How to restore wood furniture?

  • How to Restore Wood Furniture 1 Remove all dirt, grime, and grease with a rag and all-purpose cleaner. 2 Sand off the finish with coarse sandpaper. 3 Wipe away the dust when you are done sanding off the finish. 4 Sand the wood with fine-grit sandpaper to create a smooth surface. 5 Wipe the furniture down… See More….

  • How to restain damaged wood?

  • How to Restain Damaged Wood 1 Stripping. To completely restain damaged wood, it’s usually necessary to remove all the surface coating. … 2 Sanding. If you choose not to use stripper, you can sand previously finished wood to prepare it for stain. … 3 Apply Stain. There are several ways to apply stain. … 4 Spot Staining. …

  • What is the best way to refinish furniture?

  • Our Best Tips for Refinishing Furniture Step 1: Clean the Piece Step 2: Assess the Furniture Current State Step 3: Remove Old Finish Step 4: Apply a Coat of Sealant Step 5: Stain or Paint the Wood Step 6: Apply a Coat of Finish

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