how to remove scratches from white high gloss furniture

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Smooth a small amount of petroleum jellyover the scratch and let it soak in overnight. The wood will swell up somewhat and fill in the scratch. Afterward,you can clean off the excess petroleum jelly and polish the surface.

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  • How to fix scratches on wood furniture?

  • The wax will fill the scratch and hide the discoloration. Pick a wax crayon that matches your furniture. Apply the crayon to the scratch, and then rub the spot with your finger to blend the the finish. Remove any excess crayon wax, and then apply a wax or polish to the surface to restore the finish.

  • How do you fix a scratched dining room table?

  • Wipe the oil and abrasive off the table with a clean rag. Hold the wax stick above the scratch in the wood. Heat the edge of the spatula with the lighter. Work the wax into the scratch with the spatula so that the wax completely fills the crack and remains level with the table surface. Scrape any excess wax off the top with the razor blade.

  • Can I use furniture polish to buff a gloss surface?

  • Should I use furniture polish to buff my gloss surface? There is actually no need to use anything other than water and sometimes a very mild detergent with an e-cloth. Silicone based cleaners will leave a greasy film over the surface which will be almost impossible to remove.

  • How do you fix scratches on Laminate flooring?

  • The techniques mentioned above for wood furniture, including using a walnut, paste wax, or a wax stick, can also be used to touch up scratches in wood laminate. Thanks! If the wood will be painted after you fill the scratch, you can use wood putty to fill in damaged areas.

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