how to protect wood furniture from sun

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Wood is especially susceptible to sun damage so treat regularly with coatings. Painting,staining and applying varnish will all build up a protective barrier that will reduce the amount of UV rays that permeate the wood,ultimately preventing cracking and splitting.

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  • Does sunlight damage wooden furniture?

  • However, wooden furniture damage through exposure to sunlight is one that is relevant all year round, so regardless of the season, it worth taking action now. During the summer months. when the sun is at full strength, you檒l need to take care to protect your home and furniture.

  • How do you protect outdoor furniture from the Sun?

  • This is when the sun is at its most powerful. Try to keep your furniture in shaded areas during these hours. Even a small reduction in the time your furniture is exposed to UV rays will help. Your outdoor furniture also needs protection from the elements. Especially if it in an uncovered area open to direct sunlight and rain.

  • Does wooden furniture need sealant to protect it from the Sun?

  • As discussed, sun exposure can be one of the most damaging elements on wood, causing permanent discoloration. Wood can fade as well as darken, depending on the type. Some types of wooden furniture requires a sealant to protect against the sun UV rays, but which one is best for you? There are several options available:

  • How does UV window film protect wooden furniture?

  • When windows are protected by this film, 99% of the sun ultraviolet light and 97% of the infrared light is blocked, while still allowing visible light to pass through. This means you retain the feel and warmth of the natural sunlight without any of the damage to your wooden furniture associated with UV rays.

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