how to protect wood furniture from sun

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  • How to protect wood furniture from UV sun damage?

  • Protecting your wood, fabric, and leather furniture from UV sun damage takes a small amount of effort for a big payoff. 1. Seal Wood Furniture Wood furniture is the oldest material used for home furnishings. It gives a living space a traditional, warm ambiance. Sun exposure can be one of the most damaging elements on wood, causing discoloration.

  • How do you protect antique furniture from sunlight?

  • Specific laminations for window glass can reduce UV light transmission, diminishing the effect of sunlight. Blackout curtains, drapes, shades, or window film can block out almost 100% of sunlight. This seems like an extreme measure, but it will also help regulate the room temperature, and it is a great step in protecting antique furniture.

  • Does varnish protect wood from UV damage?

  • Varnish: Ranging in finishes from matte to high-gloss, varnish can be thought of as a top coat that will protect wood furniture from UV damage. Lacquer: Lacquer is an easy-to-apply polish that can repair small scratches and scuff marks, and provide some defense against sun damage.

  • Does wood fade in the Sun?

  • Not only does wood fade, but it can also darken it, depending on the type of wood. Your furniture requires a sealant to fight against the sun UV rays, but not all sealants are equal.

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