how to protect wood furniture from sun

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Wood oil

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  • How to protect wood furniture from UV sun damage?

  • Protecting your wood, fabric, and leather furniture from UV sun damage takes a small amount of effort for a big payoff. 1. Seal Wood Furniture Wood furniture is the oldest material used for home furnishings. It gives a living space a traditional, warm ambiance. Sun exposure can be one of the most damaging elements on wood, causing discoloration.

  • How do you protect outdoor furniture from the elements?

  • Your outdoor furniture also needs protection from the elements. Especially if it in an uncovered area open to direct sunlight and rain. Scotchgard Water Sun Shield keeps your outdoor furniture from fading by repelling water and blocking UV rays.

  • How can I protect my hardwood floors from UV rays?

  • If your room has limited light exposure, you can rearrange your furniture to keep it out of direct sunlight. This option will not help your hardwoods or carpets exposed to UV rays. But you檒l extend the life of your furniture by moving it into shaded areas of the room.

  • How to keep furniture from fading in the Sun?

  • In this article, we檒l take a look at five tips you can use to keep your furniture from fading in the sun. Adding curtains or window treatments to your windows can be an effective strategy to keep light out. But the entire window must be covered in order for your furniture to be protected.

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