how to price used office furniture

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To price used furniture,multiply the original price by 0.7-0.8,which means you’d be selling it for 70-80 percent of the original price. If the furniture isn’t in the best condition because it’s worn,faded,or banged up,you’ll probably need to sell it for less than that.

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  • How much should I Sell my furniture for?

  • If you know the maker, model, or materials used, look up furniture with similar qualities. If you don’t know how much the piece originally sold for, this is the best place to start. Sell most furniture at 70-80% it’s original sale price. The easiest way to come up with a price is to slash 20% from the price you bought it for.

  • Is it worth making an offer on a piece of furniture?

  • Ultimately, a piece of furniture is worth the price it is sold for. So, if you really like a piece, and have shopped around to find a good potential price, make an offer. If you can back up your offer with evidence of similar furniture prices, even better. When making an offer, remember:

  • Where to buy used office furniture?

  • Your best bet is to find a used warehouse within your region, since the shorter the distance, the lower the freight costs and the faster it can arrive to you. Even better, you can look for used furniture within an hour or two from your office.

  • How can I Sell my Old Desk quickly?

  • A clean piece of furniture is infinitely easier to sell, and to price competitively. Get out any stains, polish up the edges, and consider cheaply staining or painting faded furniture. A new coat of paint or stain only costs $20, but it can make a used desk look brand new if you apply it well.

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