how to price refurbished furniture

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How to Price Your Refinished FurnitureBuying the Furniture. Let say we find a dresser for $50,we now have to go and pick it up,and if you are like me and don have any …Refinishing The Furniture. Now we go through the process of flipping the dresser,this usually takes 1-3 days depending on drying times because of your climate.Selling the Furniture. …Pricing Your Flipped Furniture. …

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  • Where can I sell refurbished furniture?

  • If you’re looking to start your own business selling refurbished furniture, renting a booth at a flea market or swap shop may be the best way to go. Check out your local markets and pick one that has a combination of the following:

  • How much should I Sell my furniture for?

  • If you know the maker, model, or materials used, look up furniture with similar qualities. If you don’t know how much the piece originally sold for, this is the best place to start. Sell most furniture at 70-80% it’s original sale price. The easiest way to come up with a price is to slash 20% from the price you bought it for.

  • How do you determine the price of used furniture?

  • The quality of your used furniture is a good guide for determining its price. A well-made piece of furniture that is constructed from quality materials will stand up to use over an extended period of time. Premium woods, such as mahogany, will fetch higher prices than run-of-the-mill wood species.

  • How to price furniture to make money?

  • While pricing furniture is notoriously difficult thanks to the sheer variety of pieces, there are some general rules of the trade. Wash, clean, and buff the furniture to make the most money. A clean piece of furniture is infinitely easier to sell, and to price competitively.

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