how to prevent bird poop on patio furniture

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Paint your fence, patiofurniture, and/or shed white Add a white flag or spinning reflective objects like pinwheels Add a white wind chime With enough white or reflective objects, you檙e sure to be able to keep birdsfrom poopingon your patio.

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  • How do I keep birds from pooping on my patio?

  • With enough white or reflective objects, you檙e sure to be able to keep birds from pooping on your patio. What About Wind Chimes? I wrote an entire article about wind chimes keeping birds away ?you can read my in-depth analysis here.

  • Why does my bird keep pooping on my house?

  • Being close to your house means that they will probably poop on your deck or patio. These birds move in large swarms, which makes them a colossal menace. When they land in a particular area, they will leave a trail of droppings. They are also very noisy, and a small group will beckon others to arrive.

  • How to attach bird poop attachments?

  • Attach them close to the parts of the deck or patio where the birds are fond of pooping. When choosing the types to buy, settle for the ones with a shiny metallic appearance.

  • How do I keep Eagles off my patio?

  • Take advantage of that and place decoys of their predators such as snakes, and big birds like owls, hawks and eagles on your patio and around your property where birds frequent. Ensure to move them around so the birds don’t get familiar with them. I bought a battery-operated big flying eagle toy. I put a stand on the patio and hung the eagle there.

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