how to preserve furniture in storage

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Protect furniture in storage bynever putting dirty items inside. Not only will offensive odors travel to nearby units,but cleaning will also significantly cut down on the chance of mold and the amount of dust in your storage space. With wooden or plastic furniture,use a mild soap and water.

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  • How do you protect furniture from moisture in a storage unit?

  • Line the Storage Unit Floor To Protect Furniture Use a thick sheet of plastic to create a protective moisture barrier, especially if you don choose a climate-controlled unit. However, do not wrap your furniture in thick plastic because it will only seal moisture into the fabric and wood.

  • How to store furniture long-term?

  • Wrap furniture for long-term storage. Make sure everything is completely covered, which includes the floor. Before putting anything inside your storage space, lay down thick plastic sheeting on the floor to prevent moisture from the floor from seeping into your furniture.

  • Can you put furniture in a self storage unit?

  • This step is especially important if you are not in a climate-controlled space. Also, never put furniture into your self storage unit uncovered. Use old sheets, blankets, drop cloths or plastic wrap to cover the pieces and protect them from dust and moisture.

  • How do you clean furniture for storage?

  • Some tips for cleaning furniture for storage: With wooden or plastic furniture, use a mild soap and water. For wooden pieces specifically, and especially antiques, use a wood cleaner like Murphy Oil Soap to protect the existing finish on the wood. Be sure to also clean fabric items like couches or seat cushions with fabric or upholstery cleaner.

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